On some assignments, you will notice a BONUS that will be given to you only if you respect the rule that has been imposed by OCUS.


=> Get an extra 25€ if uploaded within 15 days.

  • If you take the assignment on Dec 1st, and you upload the media before Dec 15th => An extra  25€, will be added to your invoice and it will be paid on the next month invoice.
  • If you take the assignment on Dec 1st and you upload the media after Dec 15th => No extra will be given. 

How to identify the bonus on a mission?

  1. On the Homepage

If the assignment is within 60km, it will be on your homepage. You will be able to identify it thanks to its yellow banner.


2. On your map: 

  • Missions with a yellow dot.


When you select the assignment, a yellow banner that identifies the amount and the deadline to get the BONUS.


3. On the assignment

The yellow banner would also be visible from the assignment sheet to remind you of the amount and the deadline.



How do I know if I got my BONUS? 

Once you have uploaded the media before the deadline. 

You will receive an email confirming the addition of the BONUS on your invoice.


  • You can also see it on the assignment sheet, identified as IC BONUS.


Once the assignment has been validated by the quality control team, your BONUS will be added to your next invoice. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't respect the deadline imposed by OCUS? You will still be able to upload media after the deadline, however you will not receive the BONUS.

How do I know if the BONUS is still valid on my assignment? The yellow banner is visible all the time on the assignment. When the deadline is over, the banner is no longer displayed on the assignment. 

What happens if my media are not accepted by the quality control team?  If the quality control team refuses the media this means that there is a problem with your photos and the bonus cannot be granted. You will receive the bonus as long as the images are uploaded on time, and respect the guidelines.

What happens if I have an upload issue on my assignment that doesn't allow me to upload the media before the deadline? We understand there are occasions where difficulty arises, we will review case by case with the following type of proof: A screenshot or video with the full screen that includes the name of the assignment visible and time and date visible.
















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