How to choose an assignment?

In order to choose a mission, go to your OCUS home page, and click on “Find an assignment”. Here you will find the assignment map: 


You are free to choose any job on the map, provided that: 

  • You can communicate in the customer’s language.
  • You agree to contact the customer within 48 hours and to complete the job as quickly as possible.
  • You must demonstrate prior experience in this area of expertise, and this must be made visible to our various departments (example: in your portfolio).

You can access the assignment's details by clicking on it (as shown below) to check these prerequisites. You are then free to add it to your basket and validate it whenever you want.


Note: the number of on-going assignments is limited to 20 for each photographer. As soon as an assignment is validated by OCUS, it does not count as an "on-going" one anymore. Then it allows you to take a new job on the map. We apply this limit for several reasons :

  • Delays: too many assignments matched to the same person will delay the booking of appointments, the completion of the photo session, and the moment the client will receive the pictures. These delays are important to our clients.
  • Fairness: one of our goals is to be fair with all the members of our community. This means we are committed to giving the same chances and opportunities to photographers when it comes to work.

To choose an assignment, click on the tab and then click on "Add the mission": 

Then you have to accept the assignment, by clicking on “Validate selection”:


Once the assignment has been accepted, it is essential that you study the guidelines carefully and that you make sure you have the required equipment. 

We also remind you that the payment of the job already covers travel costs, no additional compensation is included.

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