When and how can I withdraw from an assignment?

We are aware that something unexpected can happen to anyone without warning.

This is why it is possible for you to withdraw from an assignment with a degree of flexibility. However, a withdrawal should remain an exception and should be notified to us at least 48 hours before the date of the assignment. 

If it is a case of force majeure (listed below) that does not allow you to carry out the assignment, we will, of course, accept the request within the 48 hours time limit:

  • Illness
  • A personal or family commitment that cannot be postponed
  • A last-minute incident related to your equipment
  • Inability to go to the assignment location due to an exceptional event (COVID, strikes, etc.)

Please note that an assignment that was canceled by you will have consequences for you and for the client:

  • A client who suffers too many last-minute cancellations will turn to other solutions, meaning there will be fewer assignments so less income available for the entire community.
  • The client will have blocked out a period of time, sometimes his/her entire day, unnecessarily.
  • In most cases, the client will also have spent time and money on preparing for the assignment (additional preparations, extra staff, etc.)

Finally, note that too many cancellations within 48 hours before the date of an assignment, i.e. at the very last minute, are likely to impact your rating and, for repeated cases, lead to your OCUS account being blocked.

If you wish to withdraw from an assignment in line with the deadline indicated (48 hours or more before the date of an assignment), it is possible to do so directly from your personal area, on the tab of the relevant assignment.

How to unassign me?

1- Click on “Make changes or ask for help” then Click on "Unassign me"



Note that if you are removed from a photoshoot, it will automatically go on the map again. If it is a refusal, please choose the smart message "the on-site contact refused the photoshoot" and then remove yourself.

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