Guidelines and assignment paperwork

What are the guidelines?

Guidelines gather the specific details of the client’s assignment.

Each assignment can have different guidelines based on its needs and specifications. For each job, you must read the assignment’s guidelines carefully, it contains the brief and all the instructions and documents required for the project to run smoothly, in terms of both the process and the expected result.

The guidelines are a binding contract and must be taken seriously. Therefore, they must be respected as much as possible. A lack of respect of guidelines may lead to :

  • A negative impact on your overall score
  • In the worst case, a reshoot necessary for the validation of the job and your payment
  • In all cases, more limited and reduced access to assignments

Any irregularity or exceptional circumstances that lead to non-compliance with the brief must be indicated in the assignment's comment section in case of external causes. This will allow us to take notes of the problems you encountered.

How to find the specific guidelines applying to each assignment

When you add a new assignment to your platform, it will appear in the “My assignments” tab, specifically in the “In progress” section.

Click on its name. A list of steps to monitor the progress of the assignment is displayed. The first step contains the link to the guideline that you must read in advance to be officially assigned to the assignment. When you have read the guidelines, you can click on “I have read the guideline” and then “confirm” to proceed to the next step.



General and specific conditions

We have two types of conditions you need to read and sign. 

  • The general conditions: these are global rules for everyone.
  • Specific conditions: they can change depending on the client and the photoshoot. You will have to tick a box on the platform to confirm that you read the rules and that you agree with them. 

You will also have to sign the specific conditions and return the document to us for each assignment.

This process is meant to protect you and be more transparent about the conditions. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact us.

  • Personal data

- Do I have to fill in article 7 of the order form? 

The only thing you need to do on this order form is to sign it. 

Reminder: once your order form is signed, you must upload into the platform.

There is no need to print the document, you can do it by signing electronically with the compatible software. 

Am I required to provide/prepare documents before the assignment?

In some cases, you will indeed have to prepare a few documents before you can start an assignment.

Some guidelines include contracts or image rights authorization documents, which must be printed in several copies beforehand and signed during the assignment. This is a standard procedure.. 

If people are recognizable in the photos, they must sign an image rights authorization document. 

If nothing is indicated in the guideline or in client comments, this means no document must be printed or signed. 

This is why we insist that you read the guidelines carefully and adhere to them. By doing so, you will more easily avoid any litigious situations. When you are given the assignment, you must confirm that you have read these guidelines.


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