Assignment steps



In order to complete an assignment successfully, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the assignment on your map (*)
  2. Read the assignment guidelines carefully
  3. Confirm that you read the guidelines on your platform
  4. Set an appointment with the on-site contact within 48 hours of selecting the assignment (**)
  5. Complete the assignment on-site
  6. Upload your media to your platform before midnight on the day of the assignment (***)


Your media will be edited and validated by our teams, then sent to the client within 48 hours. If your media are refused by the OCUS Quality Control Team, please follow the dedicated procedure.  


* You can select a maximum of 10 assignments per day and you can have a maximum of 30 ongoing assignments at a time (not scheduled or blocked).

** If you have trouble setting an appointment within 48 hours, follow the dedicated procedure 

*** Your final rating will be impacted if there is a delay uploading your media. Should you encounter any technical issue, follow the dedicated procedure. 

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