Can I ask for Travel fees?

IMPORTANT: travel fees are not automatic!

They can exceptionally be granted to the photographer for jobs in remote areas.

How does it work? 

  • An assignment has not been matched and no photographer is able to carry it out: if you are not far away from this assignment, and you have the required equipment and skills, the OCUS team can possibly contact you to offer you this assignment.
  • A financial compensation will be given as participation in your travel expenses.
  • This financial compensation will be added to your invoice once the assignment is completed and validated.

Note: Travel fees are offered and validated by the OCUS team before assigning you to the job. They will only be added exceptionally and for specific reasons regarding an assignment.

  • When you accept an assignment, you tacitly agree to pay for travel expenses. No travel expenses will be granted for a self-assignment, so please check in advance that you are able to travel to the location.


 How are travel fees calculated? 

 The compensation may vary according to several criteria:

  • Your country
  • The distance covered to reach the assignment location
  • The level of urgency with which the assignment has to be covered
  • And other factors specific to each country where OCUS assignments are available.

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