The owner wants more/less pictures

In some cases, the business owner may ask you to take more or less photos than what is set in the package. That is not a problem, as long as OCUS and our client are informed. Here is what to do in case this happens:

  • If the business owners want more photos than indicated in the package: they have to contact their commercial/partner and ask for more photos. If the commercial agrees, then they can contact us to get confirmation. After confirmation, we upgrade the package and inform the photographer and the restaurant.

  • If the business owner wants less photos than indicated in the package: there is no problem, simply leave a comment on the mission page when you upload the pictures. For example: “They provided only 3 dishes instead of 5”. Without any comment, the assignment won’t be validated. The quality control will have to contact you to get information, which will delay the assignment’s validation.
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