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Sometimes you might not be able to schedule a photoshoot because the on-site contact doesn't know when he/she will be available for the appointment. You can now set a reminder to call him later. 

In which cases can I set a reminder?

- If the on-site contact has a problem with the guidelines (this will not send a notification to the customer success team). If you have an issue regarding the guidelines please go to the Help Center page and contact us. 

- If the onsite contact is waiting for the next season.

- If the on-site contact's establishment is being renovated.

- If the on-site contact is on vacation or the establishment is closed. 

- If the weather postpones the photoshoot. 

- If you are waiting for the confirmation of the appointment. 

The reminder can't be used for personal use. It can only be scheduled when the on-site contact cannot confirm a specific date. 

How to set the reminder? 

1- Go on the assignment page and click on “schedule a reminder”. Then choose the most appropriate field.



2- Choose the date when you want the reminder to be removed. You can leave an additional comment. You can remove it at any moment! Also, to put in a new one you have to remove the old one first.




If your contact is unreachable, update the assignment status 

If you have made five attempts to get in touch with the on-site contact at different times during the 48-hour period and you still cannot reach him, please update the assignment status:
  1. Go on the assignment page.
  2. Click “make changes or ask for help”.
  3. Select the option corresponding to your situation (not pictured).




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