Instances of Fraud

Our platform relies on a relationship of trust between OCUS, our community of photographers and our partners who use our services. In order to gain and maintain this trust, we continuously monitor any cases of fraud and take action if one is found.

Monitoring & detection 

OCUS uses a specific software to detect potential incidents of fraud. If fraud is detected, a specialized team investigates and clarifies a potential discrepancy or, if the fraudulent activity is confirmed, pursues punitive actions against the perpetrators.


OCUS vows to always begin with an assumption of innocence until it has been proven otherwise. Each case will be investigated fairly and without prejudice, and rulings will only occur with sufficient and clear evidence. While initial detection is automated, every incident is then treated by an actual member of our staff. A user will never be removed automatically.

Punitive actions

OCUS will remove anyone that has been involved in a fraudulent action from the platform. This decision may be appealed. In addition, and depending on the seriousness of the incident, OCUS will undertake criminal legal action to the extent permitted by local law.


OCUS pledges complete and continuous transparency to all parties during the whole process.


Fraudulent activities include but are not limited to:

  • Submitting content other than your own. 
  • Reusing content from a previous assignment. This includes self-created content as well as content created for other platforms. 
  • Manipulating GPS and Metadata. 
  • Providing incorrect or inaccurate information about yourself when opening your account. 
  • Claiming fraudulent fees or charges, such as on-site contact cancellation fees and travel fees. 
  • Representing anyone other than yourself on the OCUS platform.
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