Instances of Misconduct and Fraud

Our platform is based on a trusting relationship we have built between our Image Creator community and the Partners who use our services. OCUS actively monitors and takes disciplinary action to eliminate any evidence of misconduct and fraud activities to maintain this trust. 

Monitoring & Detection

OCUS uses AI to detect misconduct and/or potential fraud when committed by an Image Creator on an assignment. This assignment gets investigated by a dedicated team if there is an actual threat to OCUS or a slight error based on this software's claim. Once determined that the Image Creator has committed an offense, the offender will face disciplinary action.


OCUS vows to begin an investigation with the assumption of innocence until proven otherwise. 

All initial detection is AI automated with human-intelligence handling investigations. OCUS' team handles all investigations fairly and only concludes when provided with sufficient information, and clear proof of the offense.

Warnings and Disciplinary actions

The OCUS team may apply four types of disciplinary actions depending on the seriousness of the offense committed.  The disciplinary actions listed below are in the order of lowest to highest level in terms of severity:

  • Reminder: The offender is actively monitored by the OCUS team following their offense on repetitive issues
  • Final Warning: The offender is provided another chance to improve before receiving an ultimatum of restrictive actions such as “Time out” and “Suspension” (see below)
  • Time Out: The offender will not be permitted to match to new assignments; The Image creator dashboard map is set to a restriction momentarily to ensure that all ongoing assignments pass OCUS standards. OCUS reserves the right as to when the offender will be permitted to work on new assignments
  • Expulsion: The offender will be expelled from the platform by OCUS if found guilty of fraudulent activity or repeated misconduct despite numerous reminders

Depending on the circumstances, the offender may be able to appeal their case based on possible oversights. Therefore during investigation by the OCUS' investigation team, it is necessary to provide complete details and record proof that may support their cause.

OCUS will pursue criminal legal action to the extent permitted by local law if the offense possesses a greater threat to OCUS.


OCUS pledges full transparency to all parties during the whole process. The follow are the reasons that an Image Creator may be put under investigation:

Misconduct activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Committing offensive, disruptive or demeaning behavior towards OCUS team members, on-site-contacts or out partners, verbally or physically. This includes inappropriate comments or innuendo and slander
  • Consistently tardy, failing to appear to scheduled appointments and reshoots
  • Consistently late on assignment scheduling, unmatching and or media files upload
  • Consistently failing to follow OCUS quality requirements and guidelines, and
  • Submitting edited media files

Fraudulent activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Claiming false fees or charges, such as on-site contact cancellation, rescheduled fees and travel fees
    • Submitting content other than your own
    • Re-using one’s media files on other assignment/s without on-site contact approval
    • Re-using one’s media files produced for other platforms
    • Manipulating geolocation data and metadata
    • Providing false information about yourself when opening your account
    • Representing anyone other than yourself on the OCUS platform
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