Assignment Acceptance and Scheduling

Here’s a straightforward guide to kick-start your assignment with clarity and confidence. Once a new assignment has been matched to you, you must:

1. Dive into the guidelines: Upon being matched with a new assignment, your first move is to familiarize yourself with the guidelines. These are your blueprint to success, detailing what’s expected and how to deliver your best work.

2. Acknowledgment: Show us you're ready. Simply tick the "I accept the guidelines" box. This gesture confirms your understanding and willingness to proceed under the outlined terms.

3. Book an appointment within 48 hours: You’ll find the on-site contact’s details at the bottom of the assignment page. Strive to confirm your appointment within 14 days of accepting the assignment.

The on-site contact is not available in this timeframe?

If you find the on-site contact’s availability doesn’t mesh with the initial 14-day window, find a mutual fit and leave us a note in the comments. Your flexibility and communication are key.

To streamline your scheduling and maximize your creative flow, we’ve tailored the appointment booking process. Assignments and their durations guide the availability of time slots. For instance, if your shoot is slated for 3 pm, your next booking can be lined up for 4:30 pm. This buffer ensures you have ample time to travel and prepare at each location.

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Once you've established contact with the on-site contact, update the assignment page with the scheduled date for the shoot. This step is key to keeping the project's momentum and ensuring our clients are in the loop.

Encounter Roadblocks?

Despite best efforts, you might face challenges in pinning down an appointment time. This could be due to several reasons:

  • The on-site contact is unreachable after a minimum of five attempts, spanning calls and emails.
  • The appointment was declined.
  • A mutually suitable date could not be established.

In such instances, it's imperative to loop us in promptly. Here's how:

  1. Seek Assistance: Click on Ask for help on the assignment page.
  2. Specify the Issue: Choose the option that best describes the issue you're facing.

Refer to this article specifically tailored for these scenarios. Remember, our clients expect on-time media deliveries, and transparency on any delays—especially those stemming from the on-site contact—is vital. It allows us to strategize effectively on how to assist and proceed.

Final Confirmation

As a final checkpoint, reconnect with the on-site contact a few hours before the scheduled appointment. This step is crucial to verify the date and time, avoiding any last-minute issues.

4. Add to your calendar: Once the appointment is confirmed, add your appointments on Google Agenda:

  • Click on the Export to Calendar button:


Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 12.10.46 PM.png

  • Then validate the appointment on Google Agenda. On the appointment page, you will find all the necessary information for your assignment, including the ID, the link to the assignment, and a direct link to the guidelines.

NOTE: if the appointment is canceled or postponed, you will have to update your Google calendar or reclick on the “Export to Calendar” button. This button will be available only after the appointment has been confirmed.





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