Assignment status

We use several statuses to follow the evolution of an assignment. Find a list of their meanings hereafter.

  • Assigned: This job has been matched to you. You now have 48 hours to schedule an appointment with the on-site contact. If the on-site contact can't give you a date yet, you can set a reminder, as explained in this dedicated article.
  • Appointment confirmed: You have scheduled an appointment with the on-site contact.
  • Waiting media upload: The photoshoot has taken place. It’s now time to upload the media before midnight. 
  • In post-production: the media are being edited at OCUS.
  • Delivered: The quality control team has validated the media which has been sent to the client. 
  • Completed: The client has validated the visual content. 
  • Archived: The media have been archived after 6 months. 
  • Canceled: The assignment is canceled. 
  • Unassigned: You have been unmatched from the job. 

Note: an assignment shows on your invoice once its status reaches "delivered" or "completed".

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