Management of your assignments

This article covers the organization of the list of assignments presented on your platform and describes their associated icons and statuses.

Your assignments are split into seven tabs, as follows:

  • ALL: All of your assignments, including the ones that are refused or canceled. Be aware that the refusal blockers only appear in “all”.
  • SET-APPOINTMENT: All assignments that are waiting for an appointment. This also includes assignments for which you’ve set a reminder. 
  • COMING-UP: These appointments are set and are coming up. 
  • UPLOAD-MEDIA: All assignments for which the photo shoot is done and for which the media is ready for uploading. Don’t forget to upload your photos or/and videos before midnight on the day of the assignment. You’ll also see blocked jobs that require your attention: refer to the dedicated article related to naming issues or missing pictures.
  • POST-PROD: These assignments are in post-production. If there is any problem with the uploaded pictures, the assignment can be sent back to upload media.
  • ON-HOLD: All blocked assignments that can only be unblocked by OCUS or by our partners. 
  • FINISHED: All delivered or completed assignments. These assignments will appear on your monthly invoice.


  1. You can scroll infinitely. 
  2. You can search for assignments, simply by entering the ID assignment, its name, or the assignment address in this search bar. Assignments can be sorted in chronological or unchronological order. 

You’ll notice several icons on your assignment list. Find their meaning below :

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.37.34.png A set date later blocker has been put in, and a reminder was scheduled on the assignment. After the reminder date is over, this icon will disappear: you have 48 hours to schedule an appointment. 

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.37.23.png This icon indicates a delivery issue, so you might have to upload the media again or change the naming. 

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.37.45.png There is an issue with the guidelines

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.37.55.pngThe on-site contact is unreachable.

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.38.05.pngThe on-site contact refused the assignment.

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.38.13.pngThere is an upload issue.

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.38.20.pngMissing information: the contact information for the on-site contact is incorrect.

Capture_d__cran_2021-09-02___11.38.30.pngAll other blockers you may have. 

Note: The assignments blocked in "customer refusal" or "unreachable" are automatically canceled by the platform after 90 days

Finally, we use several statuses to follow the evolution of an assignment. Find a list of their meanings hereafter.

  • Assigned: This job has been matched to you. You now have 48 hours to schedule an appointment with the on-site contact. If the on-site contact can't give you a date yet, you can set a reminder, as explained in this dedicated article.
  • Appointment confirmed: You have scheduled an appointment with the on-site contact.
  • Waiting media upload: The photoshoot has taken place. It’s now time to upload the media before midnight. 
  • In post-production: the media are being edited at OCUS.
  • Delivered: The quality control team has validated the media which has been sent to the client. 
  • Completed: The client has validated the visual content. 
  • Archived: The media have been archived after 6 months. 
  • Canceled: The assignment is canceled. 
  • Unassigned: You have been unmatched from the job. 

Note: an assignment shows on your invoice once its status reaches "delivered" or "completed".


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