Place an order

Once your account has been confirmed, you can order an assignment from your platform in just a few clicks

Start by clicking on +in the top left on the platform and then fill out a few fields to continue.


  1. Choose your Company.
  2. Choose the product you want (number of photos and price).
  3. Name your order (e.g. the name of the place or a specific reference to your company). It will help you find your order more easily. 
  4. Give the address of where the order will take place. Our platform works with Google Maps. We won’t be able to register an address that is not recognized by Google Maps. If this happens, try one of these options:
    First option: Carefully type in the address manually (don’t copy and paste). Then choose one of the suggestions provided by Google Maps.
    Second option: Type the address directly into Google Maps. If it is recognized, re-enter it on our site using the same spelling/formatting.
    Third option: If the address is not recognized on our platform or on Google Maps, select another accepted address nearby and then enter your exact address in the “Address supplement” section. 
  5. You can choose a specific date or allow the date to be set later with someone else.


    6. You can attach documents that are necessary for the smooth progress of the photoshoot and/or add a comment that will be visible by the photographer.


      7. Add the contact of the person who will be there the day of the photoshoot, if it's not you.


      8. Pay your order if you have a payment by photoshoot, or confirm if you have direct debit billing.

A photographer will be assigned to your order within 48 hours, and will confirm the photoshoot directly with the on-site contact.

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