How to know if an assignment has successfully taken place?

Go to your platform, in the “My assignments” tab, to take a look at all of your commissioned assignments.

The status of each one is shown on the right so you can follow their progress. Here are the different status that may be associated with an assignment:

  • Added to cart: The order has been created and added to the cart.
  • Ordered: The order has been confirmed. It is now waiting to be assigned to a photographer.
  • Assigned: The order has been selected and confirmed by the photographer.
  • Appointment confirmed: The appointment has been confirmed with the business owner.
  • Waiting media upload: The assignment has taken place. The media can now be uploaded.
  • In post-production: The media is being processed by the editor.
  • Delivered: The media has been delivered. The order can now be accepted and rated. You may also send feedback on the assignment.
  • Completed: The order has been validated and rated by the customer.
  • Archived: The media has been archived after a 6 months' period. You may contact the OCUS team should you need to retrieve your media again.
  • Canceled: The order has been canceled.
  • Unassigned: The photographer was removed from the order. 

Also, if you click on one of your assignments, the Assignment progress section on the right provides you with more details about its progress. 

You will also find its history just below.

Please note that each assignment will be delivered to you within 48 hours. 

You’ll be able to keep track of all the actions performed in the form of comments as well as to monitor the progress of the assignment.


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