Experience and Equipment required

We pay particular attention to your portfolio when accepting applications.

We expect it to show some experience with clients - ideally in our areas of expertise: gastronomy, real estate, tourism, corporate video, drones footage. 

If you would like help to build your portfolio, you can reach out to us through the dedicated form available on the Help Center’s home page: we will be happy to help you.

In any case, your application is assessed by photographers from the community who look for qualitative work and know how to recognize a magnificent eye. As for the material, we require you to use professional equipment. 

Your camera can be a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) or a professional-level hybrid with a minimum 12MP sensor. You’ll need wide-angle and 50 mm and/or telephoto lenses as well as a tripod.

You may contact us for specific equipment recommendations, depending on the photoshoot and the customer. 



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