Rules for jobs assignment

In some places, jobs are assigned very quickly. If you no longer see an assignment on the map after having been notified, it means that it has been matched to someone else. This can happen quite often, but don’t worry: you’ll get another one soon. However, some criteria may help you gain maximum visibility on many assignments. These criteria include:

  • Rating: a good overall rating will give you access to every assignment on the map. 
  • Few unassignments / cancellations: your rating will drop if your account displays a high number of unassignments or withdrawals, especially at the last minute. A low rating will affect your access to assignments. 
  • Responsiveness: booking appointments very quickly and delivering the work faster than lightning can help you access a greater number of assignments!

Note: Automatic unassignments are now in place: If you haven’t taken action 72 hours after being assigned to an assignment, you will automatically be removed from this specific job.

If the customer cannot be reached or if you have any problem, notify us on the relevant assignment page by clicking on "Make changes or ask for help".


You can also withdraw from an assignment without the help of our team, by simply clicking on the "Make changes or request help" button and choosing  "I want to be removed from the assignment".

Learn more about the good practices by reading our dedicated article on assignment rules.

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